History of NuSpine

History of NuSpine

NuSpine was founded in 2013 by Dr. Todd Hedlund in Lincoln Nebraska with the goal of providing care to the 90% of the population that wasn’t utilizing chiropractic services. Local surveying, paired with commonly known facts from national surveys, showed that many people shied away from chiropractic due to one for 5 factors; cost, the hassle of attending, time of appointment, disconnect with the staff, and the overall feel of the experience. Dr. Hedlund and his team set off to transform the way his services were delivered. He was determined to remove all the reasons why someone wouldn’t patronize his clinic.

NuSpine Is Delivering Chiropractic How Patients Want It

Knowing why patients chose other healthcare options, or none at all, helped shape the experience NuSpine delivers today. Patients want their care to be affordable, convenient, fast, friendly, and fun!


In today’s healthcare industry, not everyone has the luxury of a $10 co-pay and a low deductible. In order to thrive in the chiropractic space, NuSpine knew it needed to be affordable and transparent. Assuring patients that they will get fair, affordable prices and that they will be able to know exactly what the costs will open the door for that 90% of non-patrons to consider chiropractic as an option.


Simply making prices affordable and transparent may not be enough for everyone. Many people’s most valuable asset is their time. So making services available in highly accessible retail locations, highly accessible extended hours, and with a highly user-friendly payment and check-in process is the desirable aspect of NuSpine. People don’t want to schedule appointments or wonder when the doctor is available to see them. People are busy, and as much as NuSpine knows they are offering fair pricing, they know they should be respectful of people’s calendars.

Speed of Service

Ask any chiropractor how long it takes them to adjust their spouse. You’ll get an answer somewhere between 90 seconds and 5 minutes. Is the adjustment they give their spouse sub-par? Surely not! A large population of potential patients would love a good, quality chiropractic adjustment routinely, but they aren’t willing to give you an hour of their week. Why do we ask them to? Well… We don’t! By respecting their time, without sacrificing the quality of our service, we’re able to deliver chiropractic to the masses of the population, not just 10% or less.

Relationships with Staff

There is no secret that chiropractic is a highly relational service. In order to retain routine patients that want to come see us on a weekly or bi-weekly basis they must know, like, and trust us. Creating relationships with our patients through being caring and interested in them and their increasingly healthy lives is important to delivering chiropractic care. From the doctor to the assistants, creating relationships with our patients and our communities is important to our growing, thriving businesses.

Fun, Quality Experience

Finally, patients in today’s world desire an experience. They want fun over boring. They want exciting over stale. They want a place they can be excited to tell people about. NuSpine has created a clinic feel and a treatment experience that people will want to have again and again. Regardless of how affordable, convenient and friendly the clinic is, if it’s not impressive they won’t refer their family and friends. NuSpine has set out to deliver a service in a way that earns us more patients.

  • No Appointments
  • No Insurance Hassle
  • Open Extended Hours and Weekends
  • No Front Desk – Pay and Check In Online
  • Doctor’s Provide Guidance, Patients Are In Charge of Their Health
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