What It Costs To Get Open

What It Costs To Get Open

Breaking Down The Costs Of NuSpine

NuSpine is an easy franchise to open due to its low initial cost, simple buildouts, and top-notch vendor relationships that make ordering and setup simple and easy.

With an investment of only $207,900 to $377,250 (2022 FDD) you can quickly see how this low-cost investment can yield a high potential for returns. Due to the lower cost of build-out and equipment than a typical health care facility, expediting time to cash flow and getting a quality return on investment is potentially much faster than other options.

What do I receive for the franchise fee? NuSpine is a young brand but its corporate and support team is composed of nearly 100 years of combined experience. NuSpine’s team is here to help with every facet of your developing business from site selection, marketing your new business, training you and your staff on everything necessary for successful operations, providing counsel on employee hiring and training, as well as ongoing support. You get the attention and resources you need to open and operate a great location.

Do you help me with selecting a location? Yes. We have a dedicated real estate team that knows the industry, partners with preferred local brokers who know your market, and participate in helping negotiate the best lease terms possible. Location is an important factor in your success and NuSpine provides resources to help make this process smooth and effective.

Do you help me with financing? NuSpine has fostered relationships with several third-party lenders that may be able to assist you to finance the opportunity.

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