Why Do Our Patients Love NuSpine?

Why Do Our Patients Love NuSpine?

NuSpine founders have a long professional history in chiropractic. Over the years, internal surveys have indicated that people that avoid chiropractic services do so for one of 5 reasons:

  • Amount and Transparency of Pricing
  • The inconvenience of Locations, Hours, and Scheduling
  • Long Visit Times and High Frequency of Visits
  • Indifferences with the Staff or Doctors
  • Lack of Quality Experience (Stale clinic space, unfriendly interactions, etc.)

These results coincided with other survey results that found what customers value most in a customer experience. In a report done by PWC showed that customers are willing to pay more for, and find most important, these top five qualities:

  • Efficiency
  • Convenience,
  • Friendly Service
  • Knowledgeable Service
  • Easy Payment

Patients love NuSpine because we offer a great service exactly how they want it delivered! It’s that simple.

Experience is everything.

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